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Washing Machine Repair In Dubai 0525100790

Are you seeking certified, educated, licensed washer repair specialists in Dubai? Are you looking for a reliable and licensed repair business for home appliances with five stars? It would help if you look no further than Art Works Washing Machine Repair in Dubai. With more than 25 years of expertise, we are equipped with highly trained technicians who will come to your house at a time convenient for you. You can be sure that our technicians have the expertise to solve any common or complicated problem in your washing machine. We offer quick repairs to your washing machine and are available when it is convenient. Our team of expert repair technicians for washing machines in Dubai is just a one away. Contact us now for dependable and professional service to fix your washing machine



If your washer worked perfectly but then stopped working, or the drum is making strange noises, the door is locked, displaying error codes (you aren’t aware of this), or leaks water or other issues, it is essential to get in touch with our experienced repair technicians for your washing machine immediately. Repairs could cause more severe problems and higher prices in the event of a delay. Our skilled repairer will arrive and meet you at the door within 20 minutes. We provide our customers with same-day service and emergency repair of washing machines in Dubai. We offer you unbeatable and expert washing machine repair service in Dubai.

Washing Machine Repair Services Dubai Certified Excerpts

Artech’s staff will visit your residence at the time most comfortable for you. A washing machine repair specialist will look over the machine to identify what is causing the problem. Our technicians will repair your washing machine on the same visit, allowing you to use it immediately instead of putting off the repair for a few weeks. Artech promises the best level of service we offer when it comes to repairing washing machines. We ensure that all our customers are pleased with our work.

Artech offers highly trained, experienced, background-checked, and experienced washing machine technicians with the right equipment to fix your washing machine on your doorstep, regardless of your location or within Dubai and its surrounding regions. Our specialists can perform efficient repairs to your washing machine immediately without waiting to find spare parts for any model of the washing machine. Whether routine maintenance or a crisis, Artech can take care of the issue cheaply. Our repairs are much less costly than the replacement cost, and if this isn’t the case, we will notify you in advance. We offer top-quality service. We are a trusted source.


The team is very skilled in fixing white goods and AC. They’ve helped me select washing machines, cookers, refrigerators, ACs, etc. I always had problems with backup jobs from this group.

They are also proficient in AC work and are beginning to look into different areas of expertise. I hope that ART continues to expand and become one of the UAE’s top repair and maintenance companies.

Washing machine repair service

24-Hour Machine Repair for Washing Machines
in Dubai, Artech is a trusted, knowledgeable, and professional business. We are delighted with the level of expertise that our highly trained repair technicians have. They are highly skilled, experienced with all the necessary equipment, and have a vast array of knowledge to tackle every task related to washing machine repair and repair any brand. Contact us now if you’re searching for an efficient, affordable, and expert cleaning machine repair service in Dubai. Contact us anytime via phone (+971 52 510 0970). At Artech, we are available 24 hours daily for washing machine repair services in Dubai. There are no additional charges for emergency repairs to your washing machine.

Cleaning Machine Repair near Me for Free

A broken washing machine is always a hassle, especially when you need it most! Your everyday life and your plans and schedule can be affected. If your washing machine isn’t functioning well and you cannot locate a fix within the manual, you should contact the experts. Through our years of service, Our experts have had to deal with a diverse variety of issues with washing machines. We’ve dealt with the whole spectrum. Let us take care of the work swiftly instead of taking time from your schedule to repair the washer yourself. We offer free estimates for each washing machine repair.

The same-day Washing Machine Repair

It is urgent to seek help when your washing machine goes down. It’s not feasible to sit as your laundry piles up. You don’t need to wash your clothes manually because we provide the same-day repair of your washing machine. With a team of experts throughout the UAE, we can quickly send one of our highly skilled technicians to your location. Artech provides top-quality repair and maintenance for all brands of washing machines, along with models for Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi. Repairs are all supplied with a 12-month labor and parts warranty, which means you can rest assured that the issue will be fixed for a long time.

Washing Machine Home Service Repair

Whatever model washing machine you have, our highly trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to fix any issue. Contact us when you require a home repair service for your washing machine. A reputable repair service like Artech will help you finish washing machine repairs quickly and without many issues. Whatever the problem, you can quickly restore your appliance to good working order by contacting an appliance repair company near me. You can count on us. Count on us. We offer the top washing machine repair service in Dubai.

Belts, Timers, pump hoses, Switched lids, Plungers to the lids, switches to regulate pressure, assembly of agitators, Spindles to use for driving, Plunger/lifters to Wigwag, Levers to change the Transmission’s Modes Solenoids, Snubber/Damper Pads, etc.

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